Maximus Joseph

Max is my adorable nephew, my love for this kid is unbelievable. He was born WAY to early then, was stuck in the hospital for a good chuck of time. I always went up to see him everyday. My brother and I would bring in our guitars and sing for him, while he was stuck in his little baby incubator. Now fast forward two and a half years later, a few operations later and, an insane amount of hugs and kisses. Would bring us to the present. These pictures where taken the week of easter. This kid is honestly my inspiration. I think his face has been the main reason I ever picked up a camera.



DSC_0237-2 DSC_0236

This last picture is the first ever picture I took of him, the first day he was born, from his little baby incubator 🙂


And this picture is probably my favorite picture ever of him and my dad, you can see here how tiny he was even weeks after he was born. (both of these were taken with my phone)



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